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TANMIAH: and a star-brand was born!

TANMIAH encompasses a variety of halal poultry products in whole or in parts that includes: fresh and frozen products; a marinated range with Tandoori, Spicy and Garlic and Herbs chicken; and an “Individually Quick Frozen” (IQF) range with burgers, nuggets, meat balls and regular and flavored chicken fillet.

The brand ranks today amongst the top 4 labels in the poultry and processed Food segment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With time, TANMIAH has grown to be synonymous with superior taste and international production and safety standards, while delivering and guaranteeing excellent quality. The processing plants operate to international standards based on total quality management systems and are both ISO 9001 and HACCP certified.

Chickens are locally raised and corn-fed, and processes are firmly controlled by expert technicians and professionals. Furthermore, ADC constantly innovates to improve TANMIAH’s production and health policies and procedures while adopting cutting-edge technologies to provide consumers with a tasty, healthy and quality product that contains no artificial preservatives or colorants every time.

Earning every household’s trust on every occasion, TANMIAH products are a real treat for the entire family providing a delicious flavor for every taste.



Supreme Meats for deli & cooked meats

In 1992, Tanmiah Food Group launched “Supreme Meats”, a new red-meat division. The company soon became one of Saudi Arabia's leading meat distribution companies, enjoying an excellent reputation for high quality products and unmatched technical and customer service.

“Tanmiah Meats” represents, imports and distributes meat brands by 20 international companies. Products include quality-chilled and frozen beef and lamb from Australia and New Zealand, in addition to fresh and frozen beef from Brazil, all in partnership with Quality Assurance (QA) approved suppliers. At “Supreme Meats”, best production, quality, safety and hygiene standards are observed. A fast and efficient delivery system guarantees direct delivery of fresh meat to customers including hotels, restaurants, catering companies, wholesalers and retailers throughout the KSA.